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ballyhooo in prettylittles

tons of icons.

i have a pretty big post for you today.

includes: weeds (misc. season 1 and quotes from all 4 seasons), mary-louise parker, sleeping beauty, and beach (stock)



mary-louise parker

sleeping beauty


comment. credit. enjoy.


took a weeds one and a mary-louise parker one :) thanks!
you're welcome! enjoy them doll.<3
Your beach one are gorge! And I adore Weeds so I took two of those. Will totally credit!
thanks so much! enjoy!
took a few :) will credit, thnx.
awesome. glad you like them!
lovely! took a couple weeds! will credit, thanks!!
you're welcome!
i love all of those! where do you find your pictures @?
Weeds Caps, the stock images are from Getty Images, and there are links to both the Disney cap site, and the MLP site in my profile.
Aww Weeds icons are awwwwwsome!
>.< I'm going through total withdrawals...
But these help a little!! =D
haha, i know what you mean, i'm tired of waiting for it to come back! enjoy the icons. :)
took the first weeds one- and will definitely credit when used. these are all great!

thanks for sharing!

Edited at 2009-07-19 04:13 am (UTC)
great icons. snagging a few of MLP. thanks! will credit :)