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ballyhooo in prettylittles

i suck at coming up with subject lines.

sorry for the delay in posts, my computer had to stay at the apple store to be fixed, and when i got it back i decided to be lazy.

includes: mary-louise parker, stock, misc. quotes, weeds (season 3 promo shoot), and hayden christensen.


mary-louise parker




hayden christensen

weeds is definitely my current obsession. i watched the first three seasons, and i'm getting through the 4th which is annoying because i don't have showtime so i have to watch it on my computer. you should all go find it, and watch it. good stuff.

as for the icons, comment if you take anything, credit if you use them, and add me if you like what you see.


I snagged a couple MLP icons, and will credit. These are all really good!